PickitUp Morgan Hill

Welcome to PickitUp Morgan Hill. This is site is an anti-littering campaign within the community of  Morgan Hill, California.

Litter is all around us, in our parks, along the streets, and in our neighborhoods. Our beautiful natural areas are full of cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, and now, face masks and gloves. Everywhere you look, there is litter. You may think that the garbage laying all around you is not your fault, but did you pick it up when you saw it? You may not have thrown that French fry bag out of your window, but you can pick it up. 

Pickitup Morgan Hill is serious about the litter problem in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible and collectively begin to clean up our community and prevent future littering. Morgan Hill has a population of 44,952 people living, working, and producing trash (ECONSolutions Hdl, 2020). This blog strives to be a platform that brings awareness to the litter problem and provide education on how damaging it is to our city. When the shelter-in-place is lifted a clean up will be organized to foster social change. Together we can transform our community into the beautiful place it is.

Who am I and why am I writing a blog about litter?

Welcome to my blog. My name is Pamela Metz, and I am passionate about decreasing litter in Morgan Hill, California. Four months ago my husband, Tom and I moved from Minnetonka, Minnesota. One of the first things I noticed about our new home is how much litter there is scattered throughout. I have three goals I hope to accomplish from this blog, first is to bring awareness of the litter problem to the community of Morgan Hill. Second is to be a resource and provide educational information on how harmful litter is not only to this community, but globally. My third goal is to coordinate anti-littering events in the community to benefit Morgan Hill.

My background includes twenty-five years as a medical assistant in Minnesota. In the four months since I arrived in Morgan Hill, I have worked as a behavioral caregiver. In 1995 I earned my Certificate as a Medical Assistant and in 2004, an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting. In 2015 I returned to school at Walden University and in 2017 I received a Bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology. Now I am working towards a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Part of my work as a student at Walden is to understand behaviors; littering and cleaning up litter are behaviors that are of interest to me. Through the years I have worked extensively with a range of people from many different cultures, socioeconomic status, and beliefs. One important focus of this blog will be to explore the psychology of littering and to implement a social change to improve the quality of our neighborhoods. Another focus is to learn about theoretical frameworks that explain littering behaviors and the importance of environmental health.

From my experience and research, I have learned how crucial it is to maintain clean communities for the health of the people and environment. Litter holds bacteria that can make people and animals sick and cause breakdown of the ecological landscape. Litter also attracts unwanted insects and animals that carry diseases. I understand how important it is to keep our communities clean and safe and I understand that funds to clean and maintain a city may not be available. This space is also meant to be a place for the public to learn about litter and how it impacts the environment globally.

How is litter harmful to the environment and to people?

Litter is unhealthy, unsightly, and unavoidable. In the city of Morgan Hill, California littering is a problem for the citizens, neighborhoods, health, and environment. Litter in Morgan Hill may eventually cause damage to wildlife, ocean life, and the climate globally. While on a small scale, littering may seem incidental, the contribution to the environment as a whole, is profound. I am confident that my neighbors will join me in sparking change.

What are the goals of this Blog?

This blog intends to provide research to educate and inform individuals who are interested in cleaning up communities from a psychological standpoint. While this blog has a focus on Morgan Hill, California, the goal is to reach others around the world who care about keeping their communities clean and environment health.  On this site, you will find discussions about current anti-litter events, research on the dangers of littering, and ideas for change. I am committed to bringing awareness to society and cleaning up communities. Please join me on my journey.

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